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Managing ADHD with Knitting

Craft therapy will be one of the self-care modalities I focus on sharing this Spring, so it was serendipitous when my dear friend @allirense's post about using knitting to help manage her ADHD appeared as I was scrolling! There are many studies that have shown crafts as self-care reduces stress, improves self-esteem and can help ease symptoms affiliated with various mental health diagnoses🌿

Alli's blog, Fizzy Knitting, documents her knitting journey, as she learns new skills and plans projects. In her latest blog post, "How I Manage My ADHD with Knitting", Alli talks to us about becoming diagnosed with ADHD, and how knitting has helped to focus her symptoms productively:

"I have ADHD. I was diagnosed in high school. I tried a couple medications, but found them to either make me feel nauseous or have no effect. Because of this, I’ve learned my own strategies to adapt and become successful. A huge game changer was when I discovered I could use knitting to help me focus. The rhythmical act of knitting one stitch after another relaxes my brain. It’s more meditative than any attempts I’ve taken to meditate have been."

I hope Alli's post resonated with you; follow @allirense to follow her knitting journey, and enjoy the first of many posts here discussing craft therapy as a modality for self-care✨🙌🏽✨

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