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Spring Equinox Tarot Readings✨

Spring is coming early this year! On Thursday, March nineteenth, we will all breathe a sigh of relief as we celebrate twelve full hours of sunlight ✨🌞

The Aesthete Intention for March is ✨Emancipation✨—Emancipation is a conscious choice we make to free ourselves from everything the Ego tells us, and start listening to Spirit; this means reminding ourselves that our self-doubt, inner-critic and unhealthy attachments are born of fear. What is your spirit trying to tell you? Get ready to manifest some positive action and discover your most aesthetic self✨

I'll create a 3-card spread just for you that will discuss:

✨ The Ego: Fears, attachments and judgements that are keeping you from peace of mind and prosperity

✨ Spirit: Unlocked wisdom from your inner-self

✨ Emancipation: A light shed upon your personal path towards spiritual freedom + your most aesthetic self

Your Equinox 3-card reading is waiting for you; I'll email a seven-page PDF package in 1 -2 business days! Visit my Etsy shop to buy your reading now✨

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