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Protecting My Home's Energy: Crystal Work, Pt. 3✨

So. Many. Pretty. Crystals.

It was hard to decide what to buy, and I got overwhelmed pretty fast because I wanted them ALL. I'm addicted to this app called Stone: Crystals, Illuminated; it's beautiful to look at, and helps you find the right stones for any vibe. I knew for sure that I wanted some clear quartz in every room, as a neutralizing layer. Needing so much of it forany rooms, I bought a bag of 1-2" chunks of clear quartz, and placed them into copper bowls in each room. Next, I needed the energy to be high and happy as soon as I came through the door, and it had to be strong enough to clear out the depressed, traumatic residual energy I constantly felt. I went with a big chunk of citrine to fight all that shit off💪🏽 My home, it seems, has not had someone to love it, and to bring love into it, for quite some time. To complement the quartz and citrine, I chose some amethyst stones, to bring emotional healing and chakra-cleansing to our entryway—we are now blessed by the stones' energies every time we enter our home✨

Do you use crystals to promote or cleanse energies in your home? Which ones do you use? Let me know what inspires you; I'd love to swap some pointers!

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