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My name is Vanessa Opal June, and I’m an Aesthete Coach, the first of my kind. I specialize in intuitive arts, ecotherapy, food + cooking therapy, and yogic meditation as modalities for self-care🌿

I heard an amazing TED Talk that coined the phrase “Multipotentialite”—a person with many interests, many jobs over a lifetime, and many interlocking potentials. This me me up and down: I’m an artist, chef, educator, nomad—I’ve explored and thrived in many different professional fields. But I have for years labeled myself as one thing: Aesthete🌿

An Aesthete (pronounced ess-theet) is someone with a deep connection to, or appreciation of, art and nature. Living an aesthete lifestyle has helped me to grow, even when I’ve struggled, whether it was struggling with my anxiety or depression, work stress, relationship woes, financial stress, or career ennui—life. And I didn’t even realize that the one common denominator of every bump in my road was that I used creative outlets and moments in nature to get me through. This was the beginning of the concept for Aesthete Lifestyle, my arts and nature-based wellness practice for creative self-care seekers✨

I’m looking forward to helping you find the perfect creative outlets so you can discover your most aesthetic self🌿

Link in bio or dm me to chat✨🙌🏽✨

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