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March Intention: Emancipation

I am so excited to share my March Intention with you: Emancipation✨

The Mirriam-Webster definition of emancipation is "the fact or process of being set free from social, legal or political restrictions." But I'd like to offer the spiritual definition✨

Emancipation is a conscious choice we make to free ourselves from everything the Ego tells us, and start listening to Spirit: This means reminding ourselves that our self-doubt, inner-critic and unhealthy attachments are born of fear—fear of being unloved, rejected, alone. Nothing can be further from the truth—not only are you capable of being loved, YOU ARE LOVE. You are the embodiment of the Universe's infinite wisdom, and every thought, feeling and action you make that is grounded in love is God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe's purpose for you, manifested.

Take a moment to write down your fears, judgements and unhealthy attachments—be honest with yourself. Identify the source of the negative patterns (need support? Close friends, trusted family, a bomb-ass coach or dope therapist can help). The deeper we dig, the more we discover that many of our fixed patterns are untrue, and stem from traumas we've experienced that have shaped the ways in which our minds try to protect us. We are more than our fears and traumas; let'scontinue to do the work necessary to emancipate ourselves from our fears and live a life we love✨🙌🏽✨

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