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It's Women's History Month

There are SO many brave, intelligent women to celebrate this month! Let's break the cycle of whitewashed historical narrative and share true stories of women who have, and continue to, make our world a better place鈥攆or everyone.鉁煓岎煆解湪鉅

During the month of March, many classrooms鈥攁nd our social media feeds鈥攚ill celebrate Women鈥檚 History Month with images of Suffragettes and stories about the fight for the nineteenth amendment, giving women the right to vote. However, this is a romanticised narrative.鉅

Some of the most famous Suffragettes, such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, only prioritised the White female vote, and opposed the proposal of the Fifteenth Amendment, which would enfranchise Black men. Racism corroded relations in interracial and mixed-gender coalitions.鉅

Share the truth that school textbooks don't.鉁煓岎煆解湪鉅

Read the full article, "African American Women and the Nineteenth Amendment" on the National Park Service website鉁

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