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Intuitive Art for Self-Care

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I’ve been an artist all my life; I cannot imagine living without painting or drawing. The drawback to growing up in art schools since childhood is that all art was created to achieve mastery in specific techniques—there was no art for art’s sake, and enjoyment was a byproduct, not an outcome. Practicing intuitive art has brought me back to what makes me truly happy: I’m relearning how to enjoy the process of creating, instead of critiquing the outcome.

Intuitive art is a form of self-care that I encourage everyone to practice—especially now, while we are in need of some creative outlets to process these huge changes happening in our world. Intuitive art promotes a sense of calm and provides a positive coping mechanism for stress.In intuitive art, your project is a mindful method of creative expression used as a self-care technique, free from fear of critique or anxiety of the finished product.

This is an important distinction to understand when we're comparing an art lesson to an intuitive art session: When we work together I won’t be teaching any artistic techniques; instead I will teach you how to practice mindfulness, find your voice, and discover your most aesthetic self.

Get your free intuitive art overview and Intuitive Journal Prompts here:

Modern Aesthete's Self-Focused Intuitive
Download • 10.76MB

When we work together, be it in a group workshop or private session, the structure will be the same:

• I will be using acrylic paints, but there are no specific medium requirements—use what you’ve got! Markers, watercolours, crayons, coloured pencils, oil pastels: Any art supplies you currently have are all good; if you don't have any art supplies, or would like to buy more I'm happy to send suggested links on where and what to purchase.

• This is about the process of making art for art’s sake (for your sake), and focusing on your wellbeing. This means we actively work through analysing your inner-critic, identifying stress triggers and strengthening your intuition✨

I’m looking forward to helping you discover your most aesthetic self—I offer several ways to practice with me:

  • 1:1 intuitive art sessions (virtual for now until we can safely meet in person)

  • Live group workshops (coming soon—again, virtual for now!)

  • Online self-paced courses (coming soon)

Interested in practicing at home? Try these easily accessible activities:

• Keep an art journal for drawings, thoughts + doodles

Join me on the first Saturday of every month for a free paint-along on IG Live!

• Interested in a 3-dimensional medium? Get yourself some air-drying modeling clay and see where your emotions take you

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