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Cancerian Intuition Sessions II: Decolonising Intuition

Last Sunday was the first in a free mini-series I’m hosting on IG Live for Cancer Season; in celebration of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and in alignment with my Dharma to keep mental, emotional and spiritual wellness accessible, I’ve created The Cancerian Intuition Series, an informal chat happening Sundays in July. I’ll answer your intuition questions, talk about tapping into your Intuitive Self, and trusting in the infinite wisdom of the Universe✨⠀⠀

Creating these sessions about intuition has been, in itself, intuitive. Through discussion of the meaning of intuition, how to discover your inner-voice and learning to trust it, I realised that the lens from which I examine and discuss Intuition must be shifted to include my own experiences, and others of the Afroindigenous/Afrolatina diaspora. And that shit can’t be done until we decolonise our intuition✨✊🏽

Topics we’ll discuss:⠀

✨Recap: What is intuition?⠀

✨Racial trauma: How has this affected my intuition?⠀

✨Generational trauma: How has my upbringing caused me to second-guess myself?⠀

✨Gaslighting: After years of being told my thoughts/feelings/instincts are wrong or are invalid, how to I reconnect with my intuition?

Join me Sunday 19 July 2020 at noon EST on IG Live for the discussion✨ I’ll take questions starting now; comment below or DM me if you’d like to submit your questions privately✨🙌🏽✨

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