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Take the Aesthete Style Quiz

What's your Aesthete style?

There are lots of ways to nurture your creative side; take this quick and fun quiz to find out what outlets work best for you! I've designed seven Modern Aesthete archetypes; which one are you?

  • The Artist

  • The Naturalist

  • The Logophile

  • The Kineticist

  • The Spiritualist

  • The Epicure

  • The Sonophile


More archetypes coming soon✨


Vanessa Opal June,

Aesthetic Healer

Promoting Well-Being Through Creative Outlets

My name is Vanessa Opal June, and I’m an Aesthetic Healer, the first of my kind. I specialize in intuitive art, ecotherapy, yogic meditation and therapeutic cooking as modalities for self-care.

I've spent over twenty years studying art, meditation and the benefits that nature and creativity have on our overall well-being; what I've come to discover is that anytime we immerse ourselves in the beauty of the natural world or the sundry of artistic mediums with which we can express ourselves, we heal our Spirit✨


Your journey begins from within. Are you ready to discover your most aesthetic self?


Free Offerings

Practice with Me

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Self-Focused Intuitive Art

Healing + Inner Clarity

Join me Saturday mornings on IG Live for free intuitive art workshops✨

10am EST

Ecotherapy Walk

Grounding + Vitality

Join me Sunday mornings on IG Live for a nature walk🌿

10am EST

Meditation for Stress Relief

Centering + Self-Awareness

Join me Monday mornings on IG Live for guided meditation✨

10am EST


You're not going through some shit

You're growing through some shit✨

Modern Aesthete


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